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Painting in my apartment/ home studio

Alberta wild roses . acrylic and embroidery on canvas. 12” x 12”. 2019.

Alberta wild roses. acrylic and embroidery on canvas. 12” x 12”. 2019.

July, 2019.

I am a local artist working primarily in painting. I graduated from AU Arts in 2018 with a BFA, and when discovering the Dream Home Artist competition, I knew it was a perfect fit. In the last 4 months, i have created my largest collection to-date to compliment this year’s Modern Farmhouse theme in the Dream Home. The collection includes subject matter such as farm animals, wild flowers and patterns with a subdued colour palette inspired by vintage décor. Several of the pieces I created have personal stories such as the portrait of my Great Grandfather Elton, or the pattern of my Grandmother’s bathroom wallpaper. The majority of my work is painted in acrylics and using needlepoint, i embroider into the canvas to add texture and a hand-made quality. With family in the West and East Coast of Canada, i draw inspiration from the landscape and culture of Alberta and Newfoundland.

my previous collection saturated involves very different imagery from the dream home collection. it includes brightly-coloured abstract figures and imagery based on collage. Using multiple patterns and layering bizarre shapes together, i enjoy the fun, and light-hearted nature of these paintings. you definitely do not see the same thing twice when viewing some of the paintings from this collection.