I am an artist based in Calgary, Canada. Currently working from a tiny home studio (and filling every square-inch of a shared apartment with paintings and art supplies), I consider myself extremely lucky that I get to follow my passion by making art everyday. Using acrylic paint on stretched canvas, I create paintings depicting subject matter that to me is familiar, simple and nostalgic. This subject matter includes themes like food, flowers, animals, patterns, still-lifes and landscapes. Referencing a photo or collage, I directly apply paint to canvas without a preliminary drawing so that I can build up a number of layers/ colours. I typically use one colour at a time and then contrast these flatly coloured areas with elements that are realistically rendered. One of my favourite parts of creating a painting is finding areas of the composition that I can add pattern. Like a patchwork quilt, I paint simple patterns like polka-dots, stripes or scallops on either the background, or main subject matter. Once I feel a painting is complete, the final step in each of my works is to add embroidery in specific areas that I want highlighted. Using needlepoint, I embroider into the canvas itself to add texture.

My paintings are inspired by my very artistic, “do-it-yourself” kind of family. Growing up, my Mom would sew our Halloween costumes, had-paint birthday invitations and make decorations for our differently themed birthday parties each year. My family in Newfoundland and Alberta is comprised of painters, knitters, cooks, and craftsmen. Everything that they make is with the effort of creating a cozy home.

Creating something beautiful, familiar and cozy that will make a space feel more like home is my objective with each painting that I make.

Please message me with any inquires regarding my existing work or a commission (which I will happily accept).